About Lama Naamneh

Lama Naamneh is an Israeli-Palestinian actor, with a valid passport and authorized to work in United State. She speaks Hebrew, Arabic and English.
Lama holds a B.A in acting & Directing at the University of Haifa.

Past performances:
Choices – A monodrama received an award as the best creative actress in Masraheed Festival 2013
The Lion and Jewel + The Dance of the Forests by Wole Soyinka Segun Ojewuyi (Associate Professor/Head of Directing, Illinois University) performed at The National Theater of Nigeria Ebdon university.
Rose and Jasmine by the French director Adel Hakim, performing in France, Geneva and Strasburg.
The visitor by François Abu Salem. Production: National theater of London.

Other performances: Waiting for Salah al Den, Traitress Against Her Will, The Stat of Laughter, Against Houses Demolitions, Next, Omar.

Lama Naamneh


Karmiel, Israel

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