About Lana Sokolov

With a Jewish Actor for a grandfather and musician for a mother, Lana’s brush with music business was perhaps inevitable. While music was always a big part of her life, her passion for the art fully bloomed while studying at the Academy Of Music.

After tragic loss of her husband In 1990 with her 2-years daughter they immigrated to Israel in 1993. Upon her arrival, she began working as a singer and conductor for small vocal groups. Not only did she work as a music teacher, but also continued to create music by herself.

Folk songs from different countries had a direct influence on her music and led to a collaborative project entitled “Folktale-Jazz Ethnic Journey” in 2010. She later moved to New York for three years and released a follow-up CD
entitled “Jewish Love Songs” on Hebrew poetry recorded in NYC with musicians from Jazz and World Music Scene.

From 2016 she’s working in Israel on a brand-new festival Sunflower for Creative Women and for this festival with a jazz trio and chamber quartet, they created her newest album of original songs and program “Impressions”(2019)

Lana Sokolov

Composition, Conducting

White Plains, New York, United States

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