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About Larissa Ordanovskaia

Larissa was born in Russia in 1970. Her father was an avant-garde artist and sculptor. His work is in the Russian Museum. Her mother is a historian, she writes books on the history of the Reformation and Protestant ideas. These two facts influenced Larissa's mind. She is also very inspired of music.

Larissa graduated from university with a degree in classical philology. She worked as a journalist and translator in a publishing house and started painting in 2003 when she went on to study iconography and attended courses for church artists. Eventually, she escaped the field of church art and turned to avant-garde painting as she was always in search for freedom of expression of her inner feelings and sensations.

From 2013 to 2019, Larissa had six solo exhibitions. in May 2022, she made an Aliah to Israel. Several of her works are in the collections of private galleries in Russia and in the collections of art lovers. Her artworks are in private collections in Russia, Europe and the USA.

Larissa Ordanovskaia

Film, Visual Arts
Editing, Video Clips, Animation, Drawing & Painting, Video Art, Multimedia

Tel Aviv, Israel