Visual Arts

About Lea Soussan

Lea Soussan was born in Israel in 1986. At a young age she moved to Paris. She later received an art degree from Stern College for Women in New York, while also completing coursework at Raffles Institute in Shanghai, and Avni Institute in Tel-Aviv.

Soussan moved back to Israel in 2015 and she currently lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Through her life and professional experience, the artist likes to give form and 3D dimension to her works. Her most recent works are multi-media.

Past exhibitions:

Different Ways :Jerusalem Art Center Hillel Street, Jerusalem. 2017

“MasksAreAid,” at the Omer Tiroche Gallery in Old Jaffa, Tel-Aviv. 2018

Woman of the world: Balfour Center, Tel-Aviv. March 2018

Since 2016, Soussan is also studying Theater and Acting in front of the Camera at Anat Brazilai School of Art in TLV.

Lea Soussan

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Lighting Design, Mixed Media, Sculpture

Tel-Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient