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About Leda Vysotsky

Leda Vysotsky born in Tashkent USSR. She lived the best part of her life in Leningrad. In the 90s she immigrated to Israel.

In Israel 2005-2006 – student of the artist Gennady Litinsky (classical watercolor course).

Later she developed her own unique style. She works in the Fresco technique: sculpture on canvas with modeling paste mixed with sand, acrylic painting on canvas.

Style: From realism to surrealism with elements of abstract painting.

Thems: landscapes, flowers, nudity, symbolism, literary scene.

Solo Exhibitions:

28.11.2019 “Purple Galaxy” A Heartfelt Personal Event, Russian Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

30.11 – 13.12. 2018 “Colors of Soul” Unity Art gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Group Exhibitions:

19.11.2020 – … “Old Stories in a New Way” Illustration Week, Russian Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

05.03.2020 – 04.04.2020 “Ode to Woman” Palace of Culture, Modiin, Israel

30.01.20 – 03.03.20 “50 Shades of Woman” Azrieli Mall, Israel

12.12.2019 “Fashion, Long Drinks and Lemon Slice” ART HALL TLV, Tel-Aviv, Israel

15.05.2019 – 30.06.2019 “Dream World” Palace of Culture, Petach Tikva, Israel

08.11.2018 “Fun Expo 2018” Expo Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Leda Vysotsky

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting

Rishon le zion, Israel
Grant Recipient