Lee-or Atsmon Fruin

Visual Arts

Lee-or Atsmon Fruin

Lee-or is a professional Illustrator and artist, with a passion for creating naive and colorful art.
Her work is inspired by everything local- and by thoughts and observations of the Israeli identity.
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Lee-or graduated from Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts and continued later-on to completing a B.A degree in Fine Arts at the University of Brighton, UK.

Her main line of work includes collaborations with musicians, exhibitions and ongoing editorial illustrations. She has a weekly corner in Yisrael Hayom with writer Kobi Arieli, and had previously worked with a variety of media platforms including: The Huffington Post, Haaretz, Calcalist, Liberal and others.

Exhibitions include Beita Gallery in Jerusalem, Ein Dor Art Gallery Outline festival of the arts, The Mill- Shaar Ha'amakim, The miniature museum in Rehovot and many more. Other collaborations were made with Etgar Keret, Aya Korem, Tzeltner Publishers, 929 among others.

Lee-or won a grant by the Pais Culture Fund, for publishing a graphic novel, in 2021.

She lives in Kibbutz Ein Dor, in the north of Israel, with her husband and two children. In her spare time, Lee-or organizes performances and creates cultural events within her community, with the desire to enable the periphery to enjoy rich cultural surroundings.