About Libby Kaner

Three important qualities make Libby Kaner push through everything she does in life.

1. Passion based on talent
2. Hard work and openness to learning;
3. Faith and persistence.

Libby is happy to share how she embodies these qualities: g=her voice was her private world as a young girl. It was a secret that she can sing.

It gave Libby a sense of inner strength. When she emerged from her secrecy, the outside world was shocked. Very quickly, music became Libby's identity and passion. It was the most important thing in her life and everyone witnesses it, including herself.

At 11, Libby joined the prestigious Moran Children’s Choir (, becoming the lead singer throughout the final 4 years of the program, when she reached 18.

Libby participated in international festivals across the world, performed with the Israeli Opera as singer and and actress, and performed in concerts alongside leading Israeli singers.

She taught herself piano and the goblet drum, accompanying her own music. Libby spent endless hours in her room practicing, learning, creating, and longing to make her dream come true.

Wherever Libby goes, she creates music. During her military service, she was assigned as a fitness trainer. Despite the busy schedule, she initiated and trained a choir in her army base and performed during all major holidays and national events. She actually organized the musical events themselves.

Since completing her service, Libby joined a theater company (, and has performed in a number of plays.

She has been studying acting and dance intensively in various courses and workshops alongside her BA studies in Education and her work as a teacher in an elementary school – teaching music, English, and theater.

At school, Libby organized and prepared the pupils for ceremonies throughout the year, including the end-of-year performances with much creativity and enthusiasm. Libby is an extremely hard worker, and she is constantly learning.

Libby can vouch for herself that she is a fast learner, passionate and dedicated.

Indeed, music, acting, and performing are her very breath of air.
Faith is something Libby carries deep within. Faith that she will succeed. Faith that this is her right path. Faith that she is not alone on this path and that she is being watched over as she chooses her steps in the world.

This faith comes from inner knowledge and from the support she received throughout life from loved ones. Libby especially carries the faith her late grandfather had in her. He would come to every single one of Libby's performances, no matter where in the country it was. Her first acting performance as part of the theatre she belonged to was after he died in 2021. Libby imagined him sitting in the front row, gleaming with pride and joy. She knows that when she performs on the stage in New York City, she will have that same vision of him watching from the front row, whispering: “I told you you’d make it.”

Libby Kaner

Dance, Music, Theater
Dancer, Jazz / Musical Theater, Voice, Piano, Musical Theater, Actor, Musical theater

Tel Mond, Israel

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