About Lieli Elkon

Lieli was born in Jerusalem in 2005. She moved to Tel Aviv at the age of two. In elementary school she studied in Arison School of Art in Tel Aviv, in the dancing track. From 10th grade she studies Telma Yalin Perfoming Art high school, dancing dept.

Lieli started dancing at the age of 6. She started with Flamenco for four years and then at the age of ten switched to classical ballet at the Israeli Ballet School. During her studies at the Israeli Ballet she performed in “Sleepy Beauty” in 2016 and in The Nutcracker in 2018, where she had the solo role of the Marzipan dance. On Feb 2018 Lieli participated in the CND ballet competition in Israel and won the first prize. Later that year, in June she participated in the CND ballet competition in France and won the first prize. In 2018 she also participated as an actor in the Israeli cinema movie Mechila (Forgiveness).

After four years at the Israeli Ballet School, in 2019 , she moved to study classical ballet with Maria Barrios in the pre-professional program for classical ballet dancers.

In the summer of 2020 Lieli was accepted for an intensive summer program at the Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam. However, this course was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During ,2020-21 she performed in nursing homes for the elderly people, in a classical ballet show that was organized by her mentor Maria Barrios.

In June 2021 Lieli participated in YAGP Israel competition and got into the top 12 in ballet senior category.

Lieli is a 2021 AICF grant recipient in the Classical Ballet category.

Lieli Elkon

Dancer, Ballet, Contemporary

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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