Visual Arts

About LimorYaniv


Limor was born in Nazareth Illit, Israel. At the age of 5 years old, she emigrated with her family to Panama, returning to Israel at the age of 18. After her military service, Limor began to study and specialize in alternative medicine for over a decade. At the age of 35, she decided to dedicate her life to culture and art and began her studies at the "Shenkar" College of Arts and Design.


Yaniv was born in France and immigrated to Israel at a young age . He grew up in the northern city of Karmiel, lived and received his education in the hills of Galilee. Before, during and after his military service, Yaniv explored, stayed in and studied the environment. He has traveled in Israel and around the world, looking for cultural nature, and began dabbling in education through non-conventional materials and media. At the age of 26, Yoav began his studies at "Shenkar" College of Arts and Design.


Visual Arts
Architecture, Drawing & Painting, Industrial Design, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Sculpture, Video Art

Ramat Gan, Israel