Visual Arts

About Lior Sadeh

Born and raised in Israel.

In my work, I design, VJ, direct, photograph, edit, and produce Videos, Animations, Multimedia Works, and Installations.


Autodidactic lifelong studies (1977- now).
Photography & Video studies in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design BFA (2000-2004)
Exchange program in Glasgow School of Art in 2003

Noteworthy Exhibits / Performances:

VJ for Concert, Museum of Art (TLV)
Video Projections, Khan Theatre (Jerusalem)
Video Projections, Kamery Theatre (TLV)
Audio-Video Work, 'Gnuzim', Bet Ariela (TLV)

VideoMapping Installations:

Samsung Flag Stores,(ISR)
VJ for Musician: Danny Sanderson, Keshet TV Show (ISR)
VJ for Musician: Eran Tzur, WALLA TV Show (ISR)


Keren Sharet, AICF Grant Scholarship (2004)
VJ of The Year of DJ Magazine TLV-ISR (2005)
Cross-Media Campaigns: Y&R Israel, The SDIA Project (2010)
Mapping Festival (2010) Geneva-Swiss

Lior Sadeh

Film, Theater, Visual Arts

Tel-Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient