About Lübazuk

We are LubaZuk! An indie-avant-garde rock band that creates original music. Our show is an eclectic combination of rock music with diverse art forms: cabaret, dance, trance and hints of oriental grooves and circus. Come dive with us into our hypnotic sounds.
"We know how the show starts, but we have no idea how it ends".

The first EP, Hey Mister, was released in 2016 and produced by Dan Zeitun. Today, with new members, the band tours the country and is working on their second EP.

Come because you want to
not because you must
organize your body
have it learn to trust

Tal Avni - singing, texts, trumpet
Uriel Sverdin - drums
Eran Livnat - electric guitar
Talia Ishai - base, vocals
Idan Tirkel - keys, samples


Pardess-hana, Israel