About Machol Shalem Dance House

Shalem Dance Center has been operating since 2002 and is a supportive platform for independent dance composers in Jerusalem. The center was established with the aim of developing work in the field of contemporary, independent dance in Jerusalem and the capital center as a professional international cultural space and which sees dance as a means of mediation between populations in the city and a source of social contribution.

The dance center is one of the six dance centers officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture in Israel.

The center serves dozens of Jerusalem artists each year and supports groups and dance groups managed by religious and ultra-Orthodox artists.

In addition to producing works by a whole dance initiator, artist meetings, performances in the public space, workshops, International Dance Week where an international choreography competition, an entire dance festival and a showcase event where Israeli works are revealed to dozens of directors from around the world and an international dance show for children and youth. The center creates co-productions and working relationships with fellow creators around the world.

The center runs a track for graduates of high schools of the arts in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality, runs children's shows, community and social projects and hosts artists for a variety of programs.

The activity takes place in two dedicated halls in the horseshoe complex and in various spaces in Jerusalem.

Machol Shalem Dance House

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Jerusalem, Israel

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