Mai Uzi

    Grant Recipient
    • Dance

    Kibbutz Kissufim, Israel

    Mai Uzi was born in 2002 and now lives in Kibbutz Kissufim

    She dances at “Thelma Yellin High School of Art” and “Dance Academy gevat brener “.

    She is dancing ballet, contemporary and improvisation.

    Mai studied gymnastics as a young girl. She started her dance studies at the age of 13 in a studio in the Negev. Later, at age 14, she was admitted to Thelma Yellin High School and is still studying there.


    • *2020* Scholarship from the competition YAGP for a summer course of the “Staatliche ballettschule berlin”.
    • *2020* A weekly scholarship from the CNDI competition to” Adi.Academie Internationale De La Danse” in Paris.
    • *2020* Final of the competition “TANZOLYMP” in Germany.
    • *2020* First place in the “CNDI” competition + Invitation to competition in Luxembourg.
    • *2019* “IBSTAGE” Summer Course in Barcelona + Gala Evening Participation.
    • *2019+2020* American Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship .
    • *2018+2019+2020* Competition + Gala of the “Mia Arbatova Ballet”.
    • *2017+2018+2019* Summer course in the “Israeli Ballet”.
    • *2017* Admission to the Thelma Yellin School of Art.
    • *2016* Started dancing.


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