Margalit Molnar

    • Visual Arts
    • Film

    43200, Israel

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    Acedemic Experience (highlights)

    Univ. de Paris 8, France. Civilizations, media. Doctorate (Ph.D.) grade: très honorable.

    Univ. de Paris 8. France. Civilizations, Art. Media communication. D.E.A. degree.

    American Univ. Wash. DC, USA. Art, Photography, Communication, media. M.A. degree.

    Professional Experience (highlights)

    1980-2020 journalist, photographer (‘Yedi’ot Aharonot ‘ network,

    1985-2020 Film production and direction (short documentaries, independent).

    1970 -2020 Artist: painting, graphics, visual arts, photography.

    1980-2019 Script writer, for the Israeli Educational Television, documentaries.

    Director & professor: 1. Art Dept.  2. Dept. of film/communication.

    Director of a Municipal Art & Culture Center.

    Books: Writing, programming 2 books for learning English: 1. ESH  8, 2. Radio Fever.

    Awards – Prizes

    Award for screenplay by:  The Israel Council for Arts and Culture.

    Selected for the 6th International Art Biennale in Beijing 2015

    15 art shows, 100 articles on Art , Cinema, writers, on:

    16 short doc movies