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About Margalit Molnar

Margalit Molnar's Academic Experience (highlights):

Univ. de Paris 8, France. Civilizations, media. Doctorate (Ph.D.) grade: très honorable.

Univ. de Paris 8. France. Civilizations, Art. Media communication. D.E.A. degree.

American Univ. Wash. DC, USA. Art, Photography, Communication, media. M.A. degree.

Professional Experience (highlights):

1980-2020 journalist, photographer ('Yedi'ot Aharonot ' network,

1985-2020 Film production and direction (short documentaries, independent).

1970 -2020 Artist: painting, graphics, visual arts, photography.

1980-2019 Scriptwriter, for the Israeli Educational Television, documentaries.

Director & professor: 1. Art Dept. 2. Dept. of film/communication.

Director of a Municipal Art & Culture Center.


Writing, programming 2 books for learning English: ESH 8, Radio Fever.

Awards, Prizes:

Award for screenplay by: The Israel Council for Arts and Culture.

Selected for the 6th International Art Biennale in Beijing 2015

15 Art shows, 100 articles on Art and Cinema.
16 short doc movies

Margalit Molnar

Film, Visual Arts

Raanana, Israel