About Mariachi Yerushalaim

Mariachi Yerushalayim is a brand that provides a live Mexican experience and ambience to it’s audience.

By using the traditional instruments and dressing in the authentic Mariachi attire, we put on a show that makes the audience feel as if they were actually in Mexico.

Yojanan Peretz, the pioneer of the group, made Aliya in 2018. Inspired by his former Hebrew professor Jacob Shekrel in Valencia, Spain he set out to scout the music scene in Israel. After months of extensive research, his heart was set on the Mexican genere.

Our Attire
You can count on the most authentic custom:

Suits made from the best Cashmere cloth, with custom made inlaid buttons handmade by a tailor in Mexico!

Our Mexican custom made Mariachi Sombreros come with the traditional wide-brim. We use the traditional cowboy boots and our belts have come with a custom made traditional embroidery with a belt buckle with our group name embroidered as well.

This image and appearance mirror the Mariachi groups that one can find in Mexico’s cities and old town

Guitarron y Director: Yojanan Peretz
Singer: Lidor Mesika
Vihuela: Natan Rocha
Violín: Sarah Peretz
Violin: Rotem Tel Shachar
Violin: Lian Cohen
Trumpet: Avior Rokah
Trumpet: Bar Ashkenazi

Mariachi Yerushalaim


Kokhav Ya'akov, Israel

Artist Gallery