Visual Arts

About Mariana Obmetkin Matalon

Born in the Ukraine, at the age of seven immigrated to Israel with her family. Now lives in Tel Aviv, in the tension between the countryside which she left as a child and the urban, industrial city where she lives today, as does her work.
Graduated a B.Des degree with honors in Shenkar College of engineering, Design and Art.

What fascinates her about weaving is the unraveling of the wrap and the opportunity to play with it as she likes, which allows her to create endless fabrics. The texture and feel of the fabric is extremely important, therefore she is very particular regarding the material she works with. Sometimes chooses unconventional material such as metal wires, rough fishing lies, ropes and plastic ropes that were not designed for textile.

Loves to examine and find out how these materials “act” when they become a part of a fabric or textile product that were not their natural intent.


Talente 2019, Munich.

Florence Biennale 2019, Florence.


AICF Excellence scholarship 2018.

International Art and Design competition 2019, Firenze.

Mariana Obmetkin Matalon

Visual Arts
Fashion Design, Stage & Costume Design

Tel aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient