About Mariana Taragano

Mariana Taragano is a movement director and choreographer born in Argentina and raised in Israel. She studied contemporary dance in Israel and the UK and completed an MA in Movement Studies (with distinction) at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Movement work for productions include short dance film ‘No Walls’, founding London based physical theater group Taragano Theatre in 2012, for which she choreographed and directed the full length piece ‘Chrysalis’. In addition Mariana has choreographed for rock opera ‘Trip’ (showing in theatres across Israel since 2015), movement advised and directed in Hanoch Levin’s ‘Krum’ and Shulamit Lapid’s ‘His Life’s Work’, both directed by Ofra Weingreten at the Tzavta theatre (Tel-Aviv, Israel). Mariana has choreographed for a Veni Vidi Vixi concert in Besanconce Theatre (Besancone, France), assisted movement coach Helen Heaslip in Catherine Alexander’s and Jemima James ‘Festen’ (London, UK), has choreographed video clips and was team coach and choreographer of 2008 Israeli prime league basketball team Ironi Start Kyriat Ata pompon squad. In addition, Mariana has choreographed many private events and ceremonies.

As a performer Mariana worked with Nyctolopic dance company on their production ‘The City Will Crumble’ in which she was understudy for main character Leda. She worked with choreographers including Ana Marambio, Amy Finch, Elena Bajo and Shimon Mansura. Some venues in the UK include: Twickenham Stadium, The Robin Howard Dance Theatre (The Place), Rich Mix, The David Roberts Arts Foundation, The Courtyard Theatre and the Warren Theatre as well as various venues in Israel and France.

In 2013 Mariana was awarded an Exceptional Artist grant by the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. As of 2017, Mariana has been accepted to the Leimay fellowship in New York.

Mariana Taragano

Dance, Film, Theater
Choreographer, Dancer, Contemporary, Improvisation, Director, Production, Experimental

NYC, New York, United States