Visual Arts

About Maya Guy

Maya Guy's work deals with creating parallel worlds, from the scraps of reality. She does this in different materials and formats, sometimes combining them - video, watercolor painting, sewing, collage, and sculptural assemblage.
Objects and materials are transformed in every presentation, different textures and materials merge – fabric is sewn to paper, glass mixes with concrete, a video is projected through a curtain, all are remnants being connected to other remnants, becoming collages, transforming the meaning of old objects and documentations, and giving them a new role, a higher meaning.

Maya's practice thrives to develop aesthetic peculiarities, sometimes taking the form of surrealistic aesthetics, in hope that it will open new options of how to look at the world. The fantastic and the surreal or not a form of escapism but a form of showing that there are different ways to live in this reality, it is possible to imagine reality differently and to create it so.

The essence and message of the work is really a search for compassion, intimacy, and a soft sweetness within an era of over information, in this hyper-reality. Her works ask questions about the encounter of culture and domestication with nature and spirituality.

In all of these, an existential question arises - how to be human in all of this? Where is there true intimacy within all the synthetics?

Maya Guy

Visual Arts
Video Art, Sculpture, Installation, Drawing & Painting, Illustration

Jerusalem, Israel