About Maya Jacobs

Maya Jacobs is a Boston-based viola player and arts administrator in the middle of her 8th year as a resident of Boston. She is excited to be a part of what is quickly becoming a new generation for the art of classical music. With Boston as one of the burgeoning centers of this new generation she is happy to be heavily involved with many of the area’s leading groups and institutions. Her work with these groups are often more than just as a performer, such as the Boston Philharmonic where she has performed regularly in the viola section since 2011 and has been the personnel manager for the past two seasons. She is also currently an Admissions Counselor at the New England Conservatory where she completed her master’s degree under Martha Katz. Maya was proudly one of the founding members of Phoenix and was active as an administrator with the group in its first two seasons in addition to being heavily involved as a performer. When she is not doing work for one of these groups she is studying to complete her Doctorate of Musical Arts at Boston University.

Maya was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel where, after high school, she became a member of the Israeli Defense Force and played viola in the representative string quartet of the army. After her military service she completed her bachelor’s degree at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv. When she has a weekend free from working she loves to put a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread in the oven, go for a run along the Charles River, and stop for a cup of coffee at one of her favorite coffee shops on the way back. PS- don’t worry; she has one of her roommates turn the oven off if she is not back from her run before it is done baking!

Maya Jacobs

Viola, Violin

Boston, Massachusetts, United States