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About Megi Rome

Has a BA in music and played chamber music. Winner of the Prime-Minister award for writing musical Education programs.
Studied painting with private tutors, Started to perform as a teenager at group exhibitions.

Her latest exhibitions :

2010 – Amalia Arbel Gallery exhibition, “Musical scores of tone and color”
Theme opening remarks was Prof. Zvi Avni, Israel prize winner.

2011 – Okashi museum in Acre. “Prayer”
Curators : Mrs. Rachel Zemer, Prof. Moti Omer.
At the grand opening she played Chorales by Bach.

2012 – Tel-aviv Art house, “In the tune”
Curator: Arie Berkowich

2012 – Hadera Art house, “The meeting of the parallel lines”
Curator : Dr. Anton Biedermann

2012 – 2 Group Exhibitions
Won to be the one among the contemporary artists that their artwork displayed on the led screens on Time Square N.Y.C project at 18.6.2012

12. 2012 – Group exhibition in Horizon Arts Miami Wynwood, cooporated with the Consulate General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico in Miami

12. 2012 – Participating in ART BAZEL MIAMI

2013 – One of my painting was chosen as a cover of the poetry book “Scoring the silent film” Keith Montesano (Dream Horse Press. Aptos. California)

2014 – Solo exhibition “different sonata” in MISRAD GALLERY, Tel Aviv with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Main Curator: Rachel Sukman, Guest curator: Dr. Nava Sevilya Sade

2014 – Group Exhibition “Mizmor Isha”, Curator: Rachel Sukman

2014 – Group Exhibition in Okashi Museum in Acre, Curator: Rachel Zemer

2015 – Group Exhibition “Art & About”, Curator: Limor Cohen

2015: Group exhibition of selected Israeli artists contributed to the Committee for Combating AIDS

2015 – 2016: Working on my own performance show in Ashdod Museum, which combines a story of my life with my art – painting, music, acting…

Megi Rome

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Printmaking

Ramat-Gan, Israel
Grant Recipient

Artist Gallery