Melanit Gal

Visual Arts

Melanit Gal

Melanit is a graduate of Wizo School, Fashion Studies, and the University of Haifa in Humanities and Arts.

Understanding that light is a form of creation opens the door to a world filled with enchantment and profound emotions.

Melanit's choice to become a photographer originated from a deep curiosity about light and a profound interest in its creative potential. Light has consistently captivated her, and she is perpetually exploring its role in the realm of artistry.

For several years, Melanit immersed herself in the study of light within the domain of advertising.

She was driven by the desire to comprehend its significance in the world of photography, especially in the context of product photography.

Melanit delved into the power of light to evoke tension, creating discord between the subjects in photographs and the emotions evoked in viewers.

Through meticulous attention to detail and precision in lighting, she achieved the transformation of products into artificial, vibrant, and emotionally engaging entities.

Recently, Melanit experienced a transformative journey, akin to "returning home." Inanimate objects have transformed into human subjects, with light gently caressing their forms and unveiling stories, particularly those stories they cannot perceive or acknowledge.

This journey of discovery and revelation generates a profound tension, oscillating between fear and excitement, pain and joy, happiness and sorrow, and brightness and darkness. The narrative comes to life. Photography, without uttering a single word, delves deep into the souls of those captured, accentuating the chasm between outward appearances and inner realities.

Aside of her artistic practice, Melanit is an award winning commercial photographer.

Her commercial projects were shown in European shops, venues and shopping magazines.

Awards and select exhibitions:

2001- First place award from the Technion, Israel.

2002 - Group Exhibition, Ein Hod. Israel

2003 - Public art Group Exhibition, Haifa, Israel.

2005 - Solo Exhibition, "Three Generations" project at the gallery, Tel Aviv.

Commercial project awards:

2023 - Artlet magazine - First place.

2023 - Solo exhibition "The Strong Link", at American Jewish University.

2023- “The Stronger Link” project published in Artistonish magazine & an online exhibition.

2023 - “The Letting Go” project published in 311 Gallery, NC