Menachem Chokron

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    Netanya, Israel

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    Menachem was born in Afula, Israel, to an ultra-orthodox family.

    His siblings are all musicians, but his father who wanted Menachem to be a rabbi ignored his musical skills, claiming he shouldn’t spend time on music.

    While Menachem’s siblings got their lessons and instruments sponsored, he had to struggle and self study music, (and English),

    When Menachem learned in yeshiva, they wouldn’t allow him to play the guitar. Menachem had to sneak out, until after a long fight he got permission to play 15 minutes a week at the rabbi’s house.

    After all, Menachem grew up to be a gifted musician. He composes and plays well, proving them all wrong, thanks God.

    Up until the year before covid-19 Menachem was fully booked, performing all over the country for none-orthodox audiences.

    Even though the pandemic has put him in a stressful financial situation, but nevertheless he is determined finish his first original song which in his perspective is meant to form a bridge between the cultural dimensions in Israel and hopefully in the world.

    Menachem had his share of fights for music and is ready for more.