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About Michal Avrech

Michal Avrech is an internationally renowned award-winning artist based in Israel. Her paintings have been exhibited nationally and in the United States, Asia, and Europe. In addition to painting, she also works as an art therapist for at-risk youth and belongs to the Israeli Professional Visual Art Association and International Association of Art.

After earning a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Art Therapy, Avrech now paints independently and is also featured in worldwide galleries.

Avrech describes her distinctive landscapes as both dynamic and universal, inviting viewers to reflect upon their inner and outer worlds. She uses fast, expressive brush strokes without careful planning, like a painting in the consciousness of a dream. Her vivid abstractions are translated through an impressionistic and expressive lens using intense colors on large canvases.

In a 2021 critique of Avrech’s art, Davide Pugnana writes, “Avrech’s expressive research reveals a strong stylistic cohesion between the works, which makes Avrech's 'hand' immediately recognizable, like a figurative seal of undisputed value.”

Michal Avrech

Visual Arts
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Haifa, Israel

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