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Micky Goldstein has been a professional artist and painter for the last 30 years. He was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1960. He graduated from the Wizo Haifa Academy of Fine Arts in 1987. Goldstein has illustrated many children books, poetry books and educational books. He has also worked as a political cartoonist at the Israeli newspapers Yediot Ahronot and the Jerusalem Post.

Artist statement:
My artworks are the result of a long journey through all the experiences that I have been involved from my childhood, wars, marriage, parenthood, divorce and back to childhood from a completely different perspective. After gathering all my personal history and the knowledge I acquired from it, I try to reach again the innocent expression of a child to be able to present a simple emotional piece of art.

Professional Experience:
2005 – 2006 Workshop with Yacob Zim Tel Aviv, Israel
2003 – 2004 Studies in Computer Modeling and Motion, Sela University Ramat Gan, Israel
2000 – 2001 Workshop with Miky Eshkar, Beit Berel Academy of Art, Kfar Saba , Israel
1984 – 1986 Workshop with Abraham Eilat (specializing in engraving and aquatint) Haifa, Israel
1983 – 1987 Nery Bloomfield Academy of Art, Wizo Haifa, Israel

2014 – December: (Collective) City Hall Givataim, “The Sea”
2013 – October: (Collective) City Hall Petach Tikva, “From the Andes Mountains to Jerusalem”
2013 – June: (Collective) Cultural Netanya Center, “From the Andes Mountains to Jerusalem”
2013 – February: (Collective) Qiryat Ono Municipal Library, “From the Andes Mountains to Jerusalem”
2012 – March: “The end of the world 2012,” Oren Meyuhas Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel.
2012 – April: Steinhausen Art Gallery, Miami Florida
2012 – April: Colombia ArtExpo, Miami, Florida
2011 – December: “The Pregnancy,” Ginger Giraffe Gallery, Mumbai, India.
2011 – April: (Individual) “Windows to my Past,” Gallery-3 Rothschild Tel Aviv, Israel.
2011 – March: (Collective) “100 Years of Femininity” Gallery – 3 Rothschild Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 – February: (Collective) “Couple One Way or Another” Gallery- 3 Rothschild Tel Aviv.
2010 – (Collective) “Nude” Cultural Ramat Aviv Center Tel Aviv, Israel.
2009 – (Collective)“Present Time of 2009” Museum of the Caricature Holon, Israel
2008 – (Collective) “ Present time of 2008” Museum of the Caricature Holon Israel.
2007 – (Individual) “The Pregnancy” Private Museum Allahbadia (permanent exposition of a private collection) Mumbai, India.
2007 – (Collective) “ The present time of 2007” Museum of the Caricature Holon, Israel.
2006 – (Collective) “La Femme” Gallery Art et Miss Paris, France.
2005 – (Individual) “My other Country,” Sponsored by the Chilean Embassy Cultural Center of Petach Tikva City Hall, Israel.
2004 – (Collective) “100 Years Of Pablo Neruda,” University of Tel Aviv, Israel.
2000 – (Individual) “Me and The Impressionism,” Cultural Center of the Academy Beit Berel Kfar Saba, Israel.
1998 – (Individual) “The Design and The Art,” Art Academy Nery Bloomfield, Wizo Haifa, Israel.

Micky Goldstein

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Illustration

Tel Aviv, Israel
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