Mika Ackerstein

    Grant Recipient
    • Dance

    Herzliya, Israel

    Mika is 16 years old and lives in Herzelia, she’s currently study at “Ironi Alef school of arts” dance program under the direction of Dalit haramati and at ״Rose Kassel and Lee Arbel ballet school” under the guidance of Rose Kassel. Mika’s mostly trains at classical ballet, pointe, modern techniques and improvisation along with ballet variations and contemporary repertoire. On summer 2018 Mika participated in Ellison Ballet summer intensive (NYC), on April 2019 she participated at the Royal ballet school spring intensive in London and in summer 2019 she participated at the American Ballet Theater summer program.

    Mika has compete in national and international competition such as I-believe (first place in contemporary solo-2016), DWC (first place in classical ballet-2017), YAGP (top 12 in contemporary solo-2018), CND (1st place in contemporary solo-2019), Virtuoz (1st place in classical ballet-2020).

    At yagp 2018 in Barcelona Mika got a full scholarship form Mr. David Makhatelli to D&D masterclass in Barcelona and in 2019 she got a full scholarship from “Rock ballet school” in Pennsylvania.

    In 2019 she was chosen to preform at “Mia arbtova” young starts show.

    In 2020 Mika received a scholarship in classical ballet from AICF.

    Artist Media