About Mika Hary

For singer-songwriter Mika Hary, it is always about finding a way to combine her different areas of interest and expertise resulting in a sound that is deeply personal and heartfelt. Walking a fine line between the Jazz/World and Indie/Folk genres, along with her impressive vocal presence and range, Mika strives to create music that challenges your ears, yet aims for your heart.

Mika’s love for jazz and improvisation, as well as her wish to be inspired and immersed in different sounds and colors, brought her to New York City at the age of 21. There, she received a scholarship to the renowned New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. As always, for Mika it has been about combining different paths: while being a full time double degree student (BA/BFA in Philosophy/Jazz Vocal Performance), Mika has managed to form her own band, with which she performed original compositions in several of the city’s best known venues and playing with some of the rising stars in the New York City music scene.

It was during those years in NYC that Mika began to form a sound of her own, a true genre-less mix of simplicity and complexity, arched together with her deeply expressional vocals, a signature voice that can soar in intensity as much as it can be sweet and soothing.

These days Mika yet again embraces the world by advancing her career between Tel Aviv and New York, finding inspiration in two different yet similar cities, beach and concrete, Mediterranean and American.

Mika Hary


Brooklyn, New York, United States

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