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    Mika Hary is a “rare artist who seems totally familiar yet defies category” says renowned record producer Matt Pierson, who produced Mika’s debut album ‘When Morning Comes’, released last year in Europe via BMG France. Pierson goes on to compare her talent to those of titans such as Bjork, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. 

    Her music wavers somewhere between intimacy and melancholia, Pop and Jazz, and travels naturally between Hebrew, English and even French.  

    The last couple of year were full of milestones for Mika. Following the release of her debut EP and single in France, she was the only non-French singer to participate in a special tribute to the legendary Barbara at the Philharmonie de Paris, captivating the audience and receiving a standing ovation. Mika also performed as opening act for the well known Rufus Wainwright on his French tour. 

    Later in 2018, while Mika was continually back and forth between Paris and TLV performing (Cafe De La Danse, Duc Des Lombards, New Morning and more) her album peeked at #29 on the French iTunes, and caught the attention of some notable media:

    “It seems that her voice is capable of everything, but beyond that, she has a true talent for songwriting, which is able to mix sadness with maturity, and leaves a spark of hope.” (Rolling Stone, France, June 2018). 

    Recently Mika has been releasing new material off of a first album all in Hebrew, written by Mika herself alongside some of Israel’s most notable composers and lyricists (Yoni Recther, Racher Shapira, Omer Klein, Tal Nitzan, and more). Nadav Menuchin described Mika as “a fantastic singer, which relies in her material on her vocals more than anything else” and her songs as “beautiful without being too sweet, and simple yet not at all boring”.

    Nowadays Mika is deep in the works on her second international release, which will feature an exciting development to her style, with an aspiration to find the way from melancholy to an uplifting spirit, finding the inner rhythm even within the most gentle songs that are her strength.



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