Visual Arts

About Mili Gal

Mili Gal is a visual poet, a Visual Communication designer and a contemporary artist. She likes to call her style ABSTRACTYPE = as for her forever passion for typography & abstract. Mili is a hybrid woman; a digital human being together with a free spirit-nature girl.

Visual arts:
Mili sees letters as shapes. And she allows the words to blur and mix with color until a new meaning is born. That creates a new space for the imagination of the viewer to flow.

Visual Communication Design:
Mili experiments with raw canvas and wooden shelves she finds in the street, ceramics, lucid surfaces or leftovers from printing houses like letters from signs etc...
She combines oil, acrylic, and spray paint. She uses brushes, hands, spachtlers stencils silk print and handwriting. Mili's graphic experience and the technology usage is a part of her creative thinking and artistic DNA.

She takes a huge amount of pictures during the process which are part of the final artwork, as a reflection of the world we live in- transforming rapidly, fast, unexpected and full of different points of view.

She sees the world as a realm of infinite possibility. Mili has always believed nothing is impossible. For as long as she can remember, she's been a visionary and an artist .

Mili spent over 15 years combining design process with knowledge of branding strategy, making businesses around the world succeed.

She started her career as a Graphic Designer at SACK’S Fashion Israel in 2005.

In 2011, Mili&Sara, was born. In the following years, Mili's sister and herself worked with a diverse and loyal clientele including prestigious companies across multiple industries around the world in Fashion, High Tech, Real Estate, Industry, Hotels And Culinary.

They worked hand In hand with leading event producers, P.R. Companies, private and business clients around the globe. They focused on women entrepreneurs – creating their branding. The two enjoyed working with adidas, Gemini, JFrog, waze, and many more.

With her magic wand Mili lead people and ideas, and together they turn dreams into reality - creating shiny brands and campaigns. She's learned throughout her career just how passionate she is about designing visual communication, so brands can stand out, with a strong message and share values for a better world.

Master’s Degree
Visual Communications & Design
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Arts in Social Sciences
The Open University
2003-2007, 2010, today

Design and Visual Communications
Ascola-Meimad College of
Art Design and Architecture,
Tel Aviv, Israel. College & University

Group exhibition:
Video-Art at MyMementoVid launched in Venice Biennale collateral event in the framework of Détournement.

Mili Gal

Visual Arts
Graphic Design, Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Photography

Raananna, Israel