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About Miriam Naeh

Miriam Naeh was born in Jerusalem. She works and lives between Tel Aviv and ‎London. Graduated from Goldsmiths MFA in Fine Art, London (2018) and from Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem (2014). In her work she collects ‎and assembles fragmental elements and situations from different territories, and makes a ‎mixed arena of visual absurdness. She‎ uses photography, video installation, ready-made, ‎sculptures and recorded ‎performance in order to appropriate and reshuffle the visual evidence ‎that has been ‎drawn from reality, thus creating an unreliable report which can shift its focus ‎‎towards possible – possibly fictive – untold stories. ‎

Recent exhibitions include; Tall Tales, Tall Tails (solo), Castor Gallery, London (2018), Trading Rites: 3 person show at Peter von Kant Gallery, London (2018), Miriam Naeh (solo) DE: FORMAL Gallery, New York (2018), Conspiracy of the Real, Tenderpixel Gallery, London (2018), There is an Ocean on the Moon, Arebyte Gallery, London (2017), House Call, Canteen XYZ Gallery, Minsk, Belarus (2017), In the Shade of the Palm (solo), Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv (2016). A recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Award for 2019, the Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studiomakers Prize for 2018; the Jerusalem Mayor’s Award for academic excellence and final project for 2014; the Morel Derfler Excellence Prize for 2013; and The Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund Excellence Scholarship for 2012 and 2013.

Miriam Naeh

Visual Arts
Performance Art, Photography, Sculpture, Video Art

London, United Kingdom