About Mizmorim Festival

Founded in 2015, the Mizmorim Festival is a classical music festival that celebrates the deep link between classical Jewish music and Western art music. Every year in January, renowned artists from Switzerland and around the world come together in Basel to present works from different eras all centered around a theme. These concerts are performed in venues throughout the city and take the audience on a journey of discovering new works and finding a fresh perspective on favorites.

At Mizmorim Festival, we believe music is for everyone and aim to create diverse and varied programming throughout the multi-day festival to attract a wide audience – from intimate chamber concerts to a family event to an evening of jazz designed to show another side of the edition’s theme. Another important aspect of the festival is the promotion of the contemporary Swiss music scene through a composer-in-residence program, commissioning new works, as well as encouraging the next generation through performance opportunities for young musicians.

The festival owes its name to biblical psalms, the “Mizmorim”. In the Jewish faith, they represent the musical form of prayer and the exchange of ideas but are also part of various other cultures and spiritual practices. Mizmorim Festival holds a special place in the Swiss cultural calendar thanks to its unique concept.

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