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About Moran Haynal

Moran Haynal was born in Budapest, spent part of his childhood in Berlin and eventually studied in Vienna at the Academy of Fine Arts.
In the early 1990´s emigrated to Israel and earned his living as a freelance artist, as well as the writing of Thora scrolls, mezuzot and Ketubot.

Moran Haynal currently lives in Munich. His paintings, drawings, calligraphy and commercial art have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions. (Vienna, Budapest, New York, Tel Aviv, Ariel, Haifa, Paris, Munich, Nurenberg, Zurich, Dachau, Berlin) . Moran is a member of the Wiener Secession, the artist association of Hungary and Israel, and the association internationale des arts plastiques (UNESCO)

Moran Haynal

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Illustration

Munich, Germany