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About Mordechai Beck

Mordechai Beck was born in the middle of last century in Yorkshire, England.

Between yeshiva and university, he attended Hornsey Art School at the height of the crazy ‘60s, imbibing there the foundations of drawing, painting and graphics. He emigrated to Israel in 1973.

In the late 1980s, he took courses in printmaking at the Jerusalem Print Workshop, where he later produced a series of etchings on a range of different topics.

His Maftir Yonah (The Book of Jonah), a limited edition artist’s book with calligrapher David Moss, has been purchased by, among others, the Universities of Yale and Berkeley, CA, the Library of Congress in Washington -- which featured the book in their first Hebraic Catalogue -- and the Artists’ Books Section of the New York Public Library. These libraries have also purchased his work "The Song of Songs,” in which Beck provided linocuts to Izzy Pludwinski’s original Hebrew font. This last book was also purchased by MoMA, New York.

Beck’s etchings, linocuts and woodcuts have been exhibited in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Reproductions of his prints have appeared in a variety of journals and newspapers, among them “The Biblical Review,” “Parabola,” “Hadassah Magazine,” “The Jewish Chronicle,” “The Jerusalem Post,” "Illustration" "and the “The Jerusalem Report.”
His paintings, mainly in oils, include both Jewish and general motifs.

Mordechai Beck

Visual Arts

Jerusalem, Israel