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About Moris & Rosello

Moris Cohen and Rosello Shmaria are working together since 2014. Moris was born in Israel and Rosello was born in Azerbaijan. He did Aliya when he was 11. Rosello studied art and texture in Shenkar, and Moris studied acting in Bet Zvi. Moris is a well-known actor that took (and still is) part in many films and tv programs in Israel. Rosello is also a photographer, an art designer for films and theater, and costume designer.

They work together, experimenting with connections between techniques, ideas, and materials. Each of them adds and changes the works as he sees fit, without questions of ownership and ego. In common perception, they see light and color outside of space and reality. The works are in a working process and are influenced by the sun the rain from light and darkness. God and nature are full partners. The use of various materials, rust, metals, and spices, to pigments; And various bedding, from canvas, through wood to concrete. The convergence of colors looks natural and without human intervention, and the works create a sense of “Obj Troba” created in the earth, of moons and distant worlds.

So far they have had two exhibitions in Israel:
“Eshkar” – curator Kobi Carmi
“OMG” – curator Guy Morag
They are working in their studio in Tel Aviv, and love what they’re doing.

Moris & Rosello

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Photography

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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