Moshe Ben Shimon

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    Ofra, IL, United States

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    Moshe Ben Shimon, clarinet,

    Moshe Ben Shimon was born in 2005 in St. Petersburg, Russia and immigrated to Israel in 2015. Moshe began playing clarinet at the age of 8 in London, England and then moved to the conservatory and high school of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He studied with Antanas Makstutis and is currently studying with Ido Azard. He appeared at conferences of the Ministry of Education, at the winter and summer festivals of the Jerusalem Academy High School, and participated in a Masterclass with Corrado Giuffredi, Franklin Cohen, Michael Rusinek, Jonathan Hadas, Tibi Cziger, Gilad Harel.
    Moshe is participating in the David Goldman Program for outstanding young musicians.
    In 2019 he was accepted to the outstanding young musician Program of the Ministry of Education.
    A few words about myself:
    I started playing the clarinet in the third grade, inspired by my family where everyone plays an instrument. My Father is a composer and a piano player and my brothers chose string instruments. I chose the clarinet and really enjoy playing it. Nowadays I play in the clarinet trio and also the first clarinet at the Conservatory symphony orchestra. Apart from playing the clarinet my hobbies are basketball and soccer. My dream is to be a good musician and perform on important stages around the world.