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About Mx. Cleo Mizrahi

Mx.Enigma is a Queer mixed media artist in NYC. They graduated from Brooklyn College in 2017 with a B.A in Media/Gender Studies. Their work focuses on the intersections of queerness, American culture & public’s perceptions. Their work is featured in over 40 galleries in NY including MOMA, Bronx Museum, Tribeca Film Festival, HBO & BRIC media.

They are an artist alum of the Brandies Collegiate Institute at AJU in Simi Valley residency in July 2017, & Fall 2019 artist in residence at Judson Memorial Church. 2019-2020 they worked with NYPL on a play production of “L’Chaim 2 Dykes” on Queer Ex-Hasidic Women who are struggling with their custody battles. 2021 they were a fellow at BAVC. Makerspace, and The Center.

Mx. Cleo Mizrahi

Visual Arts
Performance Art

New York, United States