Myy Jeraffi

    • Visual Arts
    • Film

    tel-aviv, Israel

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    Myy Jeraffi is a self-taught analog photographer, filmmaker, and visual storyteller from Los Angeles, currently based in Tel Aviv. In 2013 Myy began her studies as a theatre arts major with a minor in English literature at Boston University, later transferring to Tel Aviv University. Deciding to focus on her passion for photography and filmmaking, Myy began teaching herself using her mom’s old Nikon FM3A film camera. Myy has presented her works in several galleries and events in Tel Aviv and continues to develop her skills as an assistant at Darkroom Florentine.

    Myy has exhibited her works in three city-wide events in the last year. The first was her Solo Exhibition, Conversation From The Other Room, at Yafo Creative Gallery in November 2019. This exhibition was part of the Loving Art, Making Art festival, an annual city-wide event, which was featured in Haaretz newspaper. This exhibition was created in collaboration with choreographer and Batsheva dancer, Ben Green, as a union of photography and dance. The next event was her solo exhibition, Twenty Seven, which was featured at Mazeh 9, the Tel Aviv Municipal Center For Young Adults in February of 2020. Myy presented 27 illustrations for her 27th birthday, an illustrative family map of time, space, identity, and culture. As a first-generation American, this work focused on researching her family history, spanning from her paternal Ethiopian and Yemenite roots, to her maternal Russian, German, Greek, and Spanish roots. The most recent event was a group exhibition in Beit Ha’ir Museum in Tel Aviv, where Myy exhibited her portrait “Helena” at the gallery launch of the magazine Kama. To mark International Women’s Day 2020, Tel Aviv city hall museum hosted an exhibition and launch of a new magazine celebrating female creation.