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About Naama Alex Levy

Naama Alex Levy is a conceptual intuitive visual artist. Born in 1992 in Jerusalem, Naama grew up in Tel-Aviv. Her early life experiences brought her to explore ideas of boundless existence in all its forms through her self-exploration, focusing on the non-inherent meaninglessness of all things.

Artist Statement:
While all other numbers are defined and specific, I myself am a zero. Blurred about where I start and where I end or do I even. I use raw material collected from the vastness of the world, not under any inclination or bounded definitions. The information embodied through my work becomes in-definite, fixated lines crumble under waves of my imagination; the all-seeing-eye of potential and superposition.

Revealing another realm of reality that is usually withheld from us. The opportunity for a transformative process of the mundane and disregarded. Immortalization of a moment.

My work has been featured in magazines such as Vice, I Love You, Fashionisto, Interview, Dossier Journal, Vagazine, The Unlimited, Flofferz, Time Out and many more.

Best Portfolio, Israeli Photography Contest by Yphoto (2016)
‘In Bloom’ Art | Basel Miami (2014)

Exhibitions in:
Charity Group Exhibition at GALERIE JAHN. Munich, Germany (6.10-4.11.2016)
YPHOTO: Ynet & LG. Tel Aviv & Jaffa ports (13.7-23.7.2016)

‘Native Eccentric’ Solo exhibitions in HaNasich (Prince) Tel Aviv (2015)
‘Native Eccentric’ Solo exhibitions in Cafe Nehama Tel Aviv (2015)
‘Native Eccentric’ Solo exhibitions in Beit Ha-midot Tel Aviv (2015)

‘In Bloom’ Art | Basel Miami (2014)
‘Native Eccentric’ Solo Exhibition in Berlin, Germany (2014)
‘Native Eccentric’ Group Exhibition in Lyon, France (2014)

‘InstArt’ by Time Out, Group Exhibition in Tel Aviv (2013)
The International Photography Festival Tel Aviv Jaffa (2012)
Lilibloom Solo Exhibition Tel Aviv (2012)
JunkYard Group Exhibition Tel Aviv (2012)
‘Forever Now’ Group Exhibition in Fashion week Tel Aviv (2012)
Ron Kedmi Workshop Group Exhibition (2010)

“Photographer Naama has the kind of artistic instinct that sets her well above her years. Her compositions showcase her exciting and idiosyncratic take on life and all its beauty – and to a great effect as the colors and whimsy of her creativity take hold of the picture and transport it into a work of art.
Having featured in magazines like Vice, Time Out and I love u magazine – amongst endless others – Naama’s work is in high demand and you can understand why when you browse through her huge collection of work, each piece is perfectly colored and composed. There is a vibrancy in her work, a sense of total unity in the chaos of mismatched colors and patterns – she never shies away from impact, she embraces the bright, the bold and never compromises on her image. Occasionally awkward, often confronting and always stunning, this is photography at it is the best.” By Francesca Kletz for

Naama Alex Levy

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Video Art

New York, Israel