About Nadav Snir-Zelniker

Born in Israel in 1974, Nadav started playing drums at the age of 16. Soon he became involved with the local Israeli music scene, playing and recording with different Rock & Jazz artists. Throughout these years Nadav has absorbed elements and flavors of the local Mediterranean-music traditions. In 1999, after receiving several honorary scholarships, Nadav was able to move to the US and got his BFA degree in music-performance from the Conservatory of Music at SUNY-Purchase College.

Soon after his arrival in New York, Nadav became highly involved with the local music scene. His versatility enabled him to perform & record with artists from different genres. Amongst the many artists Nadav has worked with are: Jon Faddis, Stella Mars, Arthur Lipner, Adam Rogers, Gene Perla, Ted Rosenthal, James Camack, Francois Moutin, Cameron Brown, Heather Cornell & Manhattan Tap, The Doug Ferony Show Band, Sal Scott & Gene Benson's Big-Band, Dekel Bor Trio, MacTalla Mo'r, The Burr Johnson Band, Neil Alexander & NAIL, Herb Deutsch, Brian Dolzani, Debbie Friedman and Shirona. Nadav has also collaborated with a few modern dance companies, such as David Prasons Dance, Limon and Nelly van Bommel's NoaDance. Discography: Dekel Bor Trio: "Stories & Tales" "Emuna" "Home" MacTalla Mo'r: "Pipin' Hot" "Jacob's Ladder" "No Man's Land" Lance Koonah / Innerworkings: "Expressions 2" Neil Alexander & NAIL : "Tugging At The Infinite" Shirona: "Judaic Love Songs"

Nadav Snir-Zelniker


Mamaroneck, New York, United States
Grant Recipient