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About Najwan Zoubi

Najwan Zoubi was born in nazareth 1988, started painting over twenty years ago. She feels that the real artist in her appeared later when she started to grasp a deeper meaning of the complexity of the Israeli Culture; Arab Israeli and Jewish Israeli. A hope in unity among the diversity of people in Israel was what she experienced as a young Arab woman artist. Art conquers the space, maps and reshapes it. Her artwork deals with memories and flashbacks that she can recapture and gather daily in my life as a woman that lives between two complicated worlds.

Professional Affiliations:

2011-2013 Cabri Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri


Solo Exhibitions

2016 “New Collection” The Abud Family gallery, United States; Curator, Dr. Ariel Abud.

2016 “New Collection” Spain 92 Restaurant, Raritan, NJ; Curator, Sergio Seijas.

2012 “Dark Organs”, Cabri Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri; Curator, Idit Levavi Gabbai.

2010 “Japanese Mother”, Installation Drawings, Oranim Academic College Gallery of Education, Kiryat Tivon; Curator, Dalia Meiri.

2009 “Self Portrait”, Personal Exhibition in The Rate of “Pre-Work Project”. Curator, Idit Levavi Gabbai.

Group Exhibitions

2014 October 30- November 30 “Suffering” Gallery of David Yellin College, Jerusalem; Curator, Nava Brazani.

2014 October 9-15 Coming up selling art exhibition. “Galilee Color”, Ort, Tiberias; Curator, Tali Ben Non.

2013 December 27-28 “Bread and Roses # 8”. Art Show and Sale on the Theme of “Women and Work”;
 Kastiel Design, Tel-Aviv; Curator, Dani Ben Simchon.

2013 “Artists from Nazareth” Nazareth Cultural and Tourism Association Gallery; Curator, Fared Abo Shakra.

2013 Extraordinary Selling Art Exhibition,“Galilee Color”, Rosh HaNikra; Curator, Tali Ben Non.

Additional Exhibitions:

2012 Israeli Art Internet Biennale 2’s, VAS (Virtual Art Space) Internet site; Curator, Siona Shimshi.

2011 “Honey is All Honey”, Kibbutz Cabri; Curator, Michal Chachnai.

2011 “Hot Summer Exhibition”, Arab-Jewish Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri; Curator, Drora Dekel.

2011 “Starting Point”, Pyramid Gallery, Haifa; Curator, Yehuda Yatsiv.

2011 “Graduation Exhibition”, Winning Excellence Certificate Award, Oranim Academic College of Education, Kiryat Tivon; Curator, Anat Gatnio.

2011 Group Exhibition of Israeli Artists in Cooperation with the French Center of Nazareth; Curator, Yasmeen Makhloof.

2011 “Bread and Roses”, Tel-Aviv; Curator, Dani Ben Simchon.

2011 Group Exhibition, Israeli & Palestinian Artists, Jaffa Gallery, Tel-Aviv; Curator, Ahmad Canaan.

2010 Bread And Roses, The School Of Art, Minshar, Tel-Aviv, Israel; Curator: Dani Ben Simhon.

2009 Group Exhibition, Israeli & Palestinian Artists, Jaffa Gallery, Tel-Aviv; Curator, Ahmad Canaan.

2008 “Portraits Of Aroma ”, Yigal Allon Museum, Kibbutz Ginosar; Curator, Nava Shoshani.

2006 Group Exhibition, “Children Painters”, Nazareth Arts Community Center in collaboration with artists from France; Curator, Oraib Zoubi.

Book Illustrator

2012 “The Jesus Boat” by Jim Reimann

2013 “The Baptism of Jesus: A Story from the Jordan River” by Jim Reimann

2016 “A Bummer for the Plumber” by Josh Tiner (in process of being published).


Excellence Award Oranim college, 2011.

Najwan Zoubi

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Illustration

Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, United States