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About Natalia Raz

Natalia is an artist and producer. She completed a bachelor's degree in management at the Finance Academy in Moscow and a degree in production at Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem.

She became a producer and director of short films that were received well in festivals. She got a grant from the David Perlov Film Fund for her first short documentary film “Zabroshki”, completed in 2019.

The Scream School based in Moscow has been her school of post-production and the place where she learned using compositing techniques and software. She gradually evolved as a digital composing artist.

She started her career in Piastro and Greenlight studios. Since then, she has been working in feature films, TV, and social media. In 2014 she moved to Israel and continues to work and evolve her skills in visual effects for the film industry as a freelancer.

With this diverse background, Natalia can be in charge of many aspects of production, in different projects. She finds great pleasure in her work, both as part of a team on large projects and individually.

Natalia Raz

Film, Visual Arts

Tel Aviv, Israel

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