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Netanel is an Israeli contemporary surrealist painter known for large-scale, multi-colored canvases delving into the complex, mysterious, symbolic world of dreams. Drawing inspiration from the subconscious world of his personal dreams, Netanel does not consciously choose his subjects; rather, his subjects subconsciously choose him.

Born in the United States in 1989, Netanel moved to Israel at the age of nine to fulfill his Israeli mother’s longing to return to her homeland. This event brought him nearer to his maternal grandmother Sarah Gilboa, an accomplished landscape artist. Inspired by his grandmother, Netanel began painting at a young age and studied at the Charles E. Smith Jerusalem High School for the Arts.

“Dreams have always fascinated me,” Netanel recalls. “From a young age, I dreamt up to ten dreams in a single night. I remembered intricate details and was intrigued by their meaning. I documented each of my dreams and began a serious, academic and artistic quest to research, investigate and understand dreams.

Painting for me is dream journaling on canvas: my way of expressing, interpreting and dialoguing with my dreams which I believe can be inspired by our Creator. I believe G-d can intervene in our sleep to communicate with His creation, so I explore the deeper meanings – the symbolic language of the subconscious. Hidden messages are there. I discover the truth embedded in these mysterious metaphors by inviting my audience on a revelatory adventure.”

Netanel’s work frequently documents his out-of-body dream experiences and transports the viewer on a journey beyond the finite boundaries of space and time. Is there life after death? Is there another world beyond our temporary, natural existence – an eternal world created by The Eternal? Netanel invites you to enter and explore a world beyond your physical dimension and surpass the temporal with the eternal.

Netanel Morhan

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Ma'ale Adumim, Israel

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