Nissim Khalifa

    Nissim Khalifa – Composer, orchestrator & musical arranger. A Master’s degree graduate from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

    Khalifa composes in many styles and genres, and already composed an Oratorio called ‘The Song of Songs’, and now working on a new Opera based on a Biblical story. Among the ensembles & orchestras to perform his music: Ensemble Kaprizma, Ensemble Meitar, The Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance Chamber Choir, Symphonette Raanana Orchestra, Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, The Israel Synfonietta Beer Sheva’, and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

    AICF Articles about Nissim Khalifa

    | Artist News
    Librettist and poet Eugene Kaminsky and composer of symphonic music Nissim Khalifa would like to introduce their never-before produced Irish-myth-based opera! A dream Nissim had envisioned for a long time, almost 20 years. Now they started a crowdfundi…