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About Nitsan Ben Zimra

Nitsan Ben Zimra (b. 1996) based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Nitsan is a BFA graduate from the multidisciplinary art department at Shenkar College, and also a graduate of the Magnum photography workshop with photographer David Alan Harvey, NYC.

The main theme of Nitsan's work is remains, markings or leftovers; The question of "what's left thereafter?". Her practice includes photography, sculpture, painting and drawing. Ideas, actions and objects fade away, leaving marks and signs behind. These can be emotions, memories or only a vague association.

Nitsan takes these memories and places them within a space. She realizes them by drawing, or figures out what echo they make when they stand out of context. Each medium preserves something different in memory. The connection between them, the installation, produces thin threads through which one can feel united with the works.

Nitsan Ben Zimra

Visual Arts
Installation, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing & Painting

Tel Aviv, Israel