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About Noa Kressel

Noa Vered Kressel, born in 1990, lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. A graphic designer specializing in Interactive Design and graduated with honors at the department for Visual Communication at Shenkar College for Engineering and Design, Ramat-Gan. During her military service at IDF she served at the intelligence corps. Her major fields of expertise are graphic representation of complex information, analyzing and designing of man-machine interfaces, and physical interfaces.

In the 4th year of her studies, Noa has participated in a course for excellent students in cooperation with the program for MBA at Yale University, during which she created a huge led wall called “Buzzwall” representing visually the happenings on the cybernetic space.

Her graduation project, "Impressions", dealing with the synthesis of sound out from topographical surfaces, was a huge success and gained recognition from the Israeli Council of Higher Education and is expected to be exhibited at the Musenet convention the the DLD week in Tel-aviv.

Aside from her academic studies, Noa has been employed by a Japanese start-up company pounded in Tel-Aviv as a Chief Product Designer and Art Director and been counseling to young startups since 2014. Currently, she is in charge of all the design and product management at a promising startup call

She earned the Azrieli design reward in 2015 and has been chosen to participate in the students exchange program of Shenkar to the Politecnico di Milano. In August 2016 she gained recognition for her work by the AICF.

Noa Kressel

Visual Arts
Design & Technology, Digital Art / Multimedia, Graphic Design, Mixed Media

Tel-Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient