Visual Arts

About Noa Lieberman

Noa was born in 1978. She has a BA in Art education and finished the MA program for Women’s Studies.

Her Photographs deal with the feminine body, its sexuality and identity. Her initial motivation is to convey an alternative image for the familiar feminine image of the woman as an object, the woman as passive, and submissive as induced by the known stereotypes.

Some of her photographs depict the feminine body as dismantled or disjointed, but still full of power, as part of a pursuit of ways to undermine those conventions within her artworks. This search has led her on a journey between the image and the gaze, between the image and the consciousness that perceives it. The image exists only when the viewer looks at it and interprets it according to his/ her perception. The image itself has no meaning for its own. Therefore, the image is forever trapped within the limits of the perception of the viewer. The meaning of the image emerges from the viewer him/herself with his/her stereotypes and pleasures.

Noa Lieberman

Visual Arts
Performance Art, Photography

Tal Shahar, Israel