Noam Benglas

    Grant Recipient

    Ramt Gan, Israel

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    Noam Benglas was born  in 2008 in Israel. He started studying piano at the age of 5 and 4 months and won three consecutive first place in the Young Talents Competition. Noam is studying at the new music center in Ramat–Gan with teacher Dr. Elena Samborski Etkin.

    For three years he has been playing duets at a national conference of piano ensembles on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Three times he played as a soloist with  Ashdod  and the Ramat Gan  Symphony Orchestra Under the conducting and management of  Dr Alex Wasserman.

    In 2016 won first place in a national competition of young pianists Piano Forever. In 2017 he won third place in the Pnina Zalzman National Competition. In 2018 he was invited to play on behalf of Zfunot Tarbut with the Participation of Daniel Chubano Winner of the Arthur Rubinstein Competition. In 2017 he received a scholarship from Zfunot Tarbut.

    In 2018 Noam and Dana Benglas were chosen by the Ministry of Education to play as the best pianist duet in Israel In a concert on behalf of the Ministry of Education Alifim le Alufim. That year, Noam and Dana won first place In the Scherzo competition held in Tel Aviv.

    In 2018 he played as a soloist with the Ramat Gan Symphony Orchestra. In 2018 he received a scholarship from the America Israel Cultural Foundation.

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