About Noam Landsman

Drummer, percussionist, composer & educator, established himself as a major multidisciplinary musician In the Israeli music scene.
Since his early years Noam was fascinated with grooves, driving force later on drew him to explore many different cultures, countries and genres.
Defines himself as a multicultural musician. His quest began in early age with, Funk, Fusion & Jazz, while his exploration grew deeper in the Jazz tradition, he was fascinated by the Cuban & Brazilian music world, instruments & culture. His senior year in Wizo high school of arts began the path to Arab music; Turkish, Persian, Lebanon, Egyptian, Moroccan…
By then he would discover different Hand drums, Frame drums & various percussions from all over the world. Each new peace of music, sound, instrument led him to different part of the globe, only to realize the sheer great magnitude of music, the human spirit & the innovation it carry with.
“World music” suddenly made sense.

At that time Noam began his acquaintance with the free improvise music world through the saxophonist & composer Albert Beger, a relationship later on would bring the two working together professionally.

Graduating with honor Wizo high school, Noam joined the army. He served for 3 years, first in tank division, later on as a combat medic & finally as a commander. After discharge, attended Jerusalem academy of music there he received excellence scholarship.He granted as well, a full scholarship from the “American-Israel Cultural Foundation”. His fascination with electronic music & grooves, a fertile ground for a few experimental bands, eventually will lead to NSD Trio.
Noam Graduated with honor his bachelor degree & continued to his master`s.

His time at the academy exposed him to many great players, as well as great new exciting genres such as Balkan music, central & northern African music & south Indian music. That genre will take an important role in his music from that moment on. Collaborated with Yoni Rechter, Emil Aybinder, Stephen Horenstein, Yuval Cohen, Zohar Fresco, Maria Pomianowska, Avi Adrian, Shai Chen, Marcelo Nami, Teymur Phell, Noam Elron (debut cd) & many others great musicians.
Taking part in several projects with Leading musicians from Israel & worldwide such as Dima Gorelik (Poland, Warsaw), World music project with some of the top musicians from Europe & Israel, NSD Trio (USA/Israel), experimental, jazz, grooves & electronics project, Noam Landsman Group (Ethnic, World, Jazz, Grooves), collaboration of musicians from cross genres & disciplines.

Performed extensively in Israel most exclusive venues and festival: Red sea Jazz Festival, Israel Festival, White Night Festival to name a few.
In Addition to World wide venues such as Tai Pei Jazz festival, Roma Jazz Festival, New York, Kregisztuki Festival (Poland), Jazzowa Asocjacja Zabrze Festival (Poland)…
Nowadays, Noam working on his projects, planning his debut CD. Touring extensively with his workshop “Polyrhythm in music” & writing a book in that subject.

Noam Landsman

Drums, Jazz

Haifa, Israel

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