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About Noam Talbi

Noam was born in 1995 and grew up in Misgav in the Lower Galilee. During her elementary and high school years, she painted at Rachel Avni’s painting studio.

Noam graduated high school majoring in arts. Her final project was presented at an excellence projects exhibition with projects from all over the country. After finishing her military service she began her B.Des studies in the Department of Industrial Design at Shenkar College. During her studies, Noam had an internship at the Hape toys company in Ningbo, China.

After submitting her final project and presenting it at the alumni exhibition, she completed her bachelor’s degree. Nowadays Noam develops and designs toys, illustrates, and works on innovative projects in the field of design in Israel, with the help of AICF.

Noam Talbi

Visual Arts

Gilon, Israel
Grant Recipient

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