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About Noga Greenberg

Graduated from Bezalel Art & Design Academy, Photography department 2012
Photography teacher & works as freelance photographer
Member of “Studio of Her Own” Association for supporting young religious artists, 2012-2014

Group Exhibitions:
2009 City Meets Art (עיר פוגשת אמנות), at Reuma Kedem, Jerusalem
2011 Bezalel in Ashdod, Ashdod Municipality Center
2012 6X6X2012, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY
2012 Creep, Soul, Animal (שרץ, נפש, חיה), Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
2012 Bezalel Graduation Show, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
2013 Tel Aviv Photo, Nachmani 22, Tel Aviv
2013 Kit, Hacubia – Contemporary Art Gallery, Jerusalem
2013 Platform TLV, Jaffa Port, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Publications:
Lilith Magazine (NY), Fall 2011 Issue
Yediot Yerushalayim, 1.6.2012 (ידיעות ירושלים)
City Mouse Jerusalem עכבר העיר ירושלים), 3.5.2013)
Aderaba, 8/2013 (אדרבא)

Noga Greenberg

Visual Arts

Jerusalem, Israel

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