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About Nouli Omer

Nouli Omer's artwork has taken shape over the years as an independent, personal style, not connected to any trend and free of commitment to any group or movement.

She works intuitively. One of the themes arising repeatedly in many of her works, whether overtly or covertly, is flight. The flight may be expressed in concrete images such as birds, symbolizing both freedom and vulnerability for me, or in abstract images often characterized by vibrant colors and amorphous forms.

Nouli preferred mediums are painting on canvas, assemblage, painting on plates, drawing, and embroidery.
Freedom from consensus and artistic independence lies at the center of her art-making as she seeks to convey a social critique, usually through humor.

The choice of plentiful, overflowing color in my work reflects and intensifies my joie de vivre.

Nouli Omer

Film, Theater, Visual Arts

Tel Aviv, Israel

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