Nouli Omer

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    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Born in Tel Aviv, and Live and Work in Tel Aviv.
    1986- Graduated acting school Nissan Nativ Receiving excellence scholarship Creating the “Debi & Nuli” comic duel performing for ten years.

    “Every artist creates with his personality in all its layers”

    A.B. Joshua


    I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates from a full, free and authentic inner space. I express myself through visual art, writing, acting and music.

    I am nourished by my impressions of what’s happening around me.

    Over the years and up to this day, in visual art, my work has ranged from drawing to embroidery, assemblages, lighting fixtures, mobiles, magnets, video, and drawing on plates.

    Thoughts and feelings, whether they are criticism or, full of love and wonder for beauty – are translated into a very colorful expression, in order to glorify the desire for life. I aspire to translate my criticism into humor, whether it is a plastic or a theatrical work.

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