Nouli Omer

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    Paris, France

    1986- Graduated acting school Nissan Nativ Receiving excellence scholarship Creating the “Debi & Nuli” comic duel performing for ten years.


    2012- ” Flying away”- Arsuf gallery , Tel-aviv 2011- נקבה’ -“ Pinhole”(the Hebrew name for female), Beit haamanim, Tel- aviv 2010 ציפורי טרף ציפורי שיר – “prey birds, song birds”, Zadik gallery, Tel- aviv (group exposition) “Without”- בלי – Z.O.A Tel- aviv (g.ex) 2009 – “Ignoramus” ) bor ve am harets (בוֹר ועם הארץ , video installation , Yanko dada museum, Ein -hod 2007- “Man woman steel wool” גבר אישה צמר פלדה , Office in Tel- aviv gallery 2005- “Red Carpt” exhibition in the “liora kanterwicz space”(g. ex) “Majority Authority” at the “Saluna” gallery (g.ex) “If you’re a magnet, I’m a jar” . “Soho”, Tel-aviv 2004- “The fire spitter and the electricity romantic Knights” , Tam kaffe, Tel – aviv 1998 – “ The moth carnival”, Amalia arbel gallery.


    2008- a comic dictionary ” Hakapriza ve ha zugush” Hakibutz hameuchad publication 1999- children’s book ” The Monkey who Fell in love with a hen” Carmel publication 2002- “Moznayim” magazine, short story, “ The moth carnival” 2003- Weekly column on “Nana” online under the name “Timna the Maniac”. 2003- Personal column in ” A5 magazine”, a Women” magazine. 2006 – “Gag” magazine, short srory ,” Lilith’s grief”. 2006- A net novel “Yakiranet (dearnet)- With Yael israel 2009- A comic dictionary-“ HAKAPRIZA VE HAZUGUSH” (“ the caprice and the piececouple” , Ha kibuts ha meuchad “Gag” magazine, short story – “ the piece of god “Iton 77”, poems, “The morning song” , The eve of the holiday” “ A5 magazine” , poems, “When the mythological hero died” 2010- “Gag” magazine, short story, “Traffic jam “ poem, “Somewhere over the rainbow”

    Writing and acting in 3 shows:
    89 – IT’S LIKE, YOU KNOW…(kaze keilu)
    93- WHY WHO WHY WHAT (Lama mi lama ma)
    Writing and acting One woman show DYING TO LIVE 2 2011- THE DISTURBED COMIC SHOW (mofra Komi). Writing, performing, composing songs and playing the piano.


    1986- BEIT LESIN THEATER ALL MY SONS EXCEPT NEOMY in the role of Neomy 1986- THE SIMTA THEATER JERICHO’S GOVENOR In the role of Arabic woman and the bimbo 1987 – NEVE ZEDEK THEATER THE CITIZEN BEYOND ANY SUSPICION In the role of Arabic woman and the bimbo 1997- THE KAMERY THEATER THE FATHER OF THE GROOM In the role of the lover 1998- THE SHORT THEATER IN ZAVTA OH WELL Composing the music and acting as the old lady 2002- THE ANSAMBLE OF THE HERZELIA THEATER GOD In the role of Blanch and the lady with the knife on her back 2007 – KAROV THEATER THE KNIGHTS LADIES ARE FAINTING Writing and acting in the role of Snow white the divorcee.

    Movies and Television

    2013- MARZIPN FLOWERS , as Hadas, written and directed by Adam Calderon 1990 – TEL-AVIV STORY SHARONA MOTEK written and directed by Ayelet Menachemi In the role of Michaela 1998 – BAZZ directed by Eli Choen written by Yael Shtern In the role of the killer’s mom 2002 – TWO MINUTES FROM FARADIS directed by Dani Sirkin written by Michal kooper In the role of the psychologist 2002- THE BIRD DON’T GIVE A SHIT written by Chanoch Levin In the role of Vafla 2006- LOVE LIFE written by Zuria Shalev directed by Maria Shrider In the role of ant tirza

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