Noy Azouri

Visual Arts

Noy Azouri

Noy Azouri was born in central Israel in 1999
She is an active artist located in Tel Aviv.
BFA graduate at Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art School, in 2023.
English and Hebrew native speaker, as of now studying Japanese, level N4.

Being analog creatures, addicted to social media, and enjoying the momentary and disappearing dopamine; More and more people do not understand and are flooded with endless images because there is no longer truth in the universe. Still, who doesn't like to laugh and occasionally indulge in insignificance?

Azouri is a participant, she gets up in the morning consuming trash, and comes home to consume trash. While wandering excessively and compulsively in virtual space, Azouri draws inspiration from Internet trends and translates them into traditional techniques.

Boundless consumerism is a cultural characteristic, so indulging, having fun and shopping at dollar stores are a part of her work. In an attempt to understand contemporary culture, Azouri takes part in trash culture, excessive consumerism, lack of barriers and meaningless expression. In her works, different mediums and mechanisms are welded to paintings, prints and pieces of plastic, in an attempt to reflect a given reality; Chaotic, horrifying and fun.